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Me Too!

This past month women have been raising their voices, telling their stories and healing relationship systems that have long tolerated sexual harassment. Women in my generation often have a “Me Too” story, or at the very least, know of someone who does. Daily, it seems, these women are coming forward and shining a bright light […]

Millennials, Feedback, and the Dreaded Performance Appraisal

Have you wondered why several major companies like Adobe, Juniper, and Gap are deciding to forgo the traditional performance appraisal process? Lately, the question that is on everyone’s mind; Are traditional performance appraisals still a viable approach to performance management? Many in today’s organizations don’t think so, and the majority are reporting that they are […]

A Manager’s Guide to Coaching an Action Plan

Vision with action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.  Japanese Proverb Managers often seem to struggle with holding others accountable for what was promised. Have you ever thought everyone was on the same page, and then the deadline was missed, the outcome was vastly different from what you expected, or your team […]